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Reviews and Awards

Award Winner - Best Action Adventure Novel

In March, 2013, Brass Legionnaire was the recipient of the 2013 EPICon award for Best Action-Adventure Novel. EPIC (the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition) prides itself as having one of the oldest and most established awards in the nation for ebooks.


Five Stars - Hazel West, Author of Ballad of a Highwayman.

"I thought this was a great debut novel that gives much promise for the Author's writing career. It's fresh, never been done before, and one of those intriguing books one just has to read because it's such an interesting twist on the norm.

Brass Legionnaire has a great premise as being the only novel that mixes steampunk with the Romans and, though I never would have thought of that myself, it really works well in this alternate universe that Daniel Ottalini created in this novel. You get the feel of the traditional Romans, and yet there's a more modern and really awesome steampunk twist to it. All the gadgets and machines were neat and fit in well with the Romans, making it seem that this story could have actually happened in some alternate reality.

The action scenes were great and flowed well, and the battle scenes were gory and gave you the feeling of desperation that the characters are feeling. Julius is a likable hero, and Amalia and Corbus made great villains."

Other Notable Review Quotes

"Can't wait for the next one, oh wait it is already out. I have to buy the entire series.

Good read, good editing. I really liked this one." - Ricky L. Thomas

"I enjoyed these strong, realistic characters and their story. Delighted in exploring the world created here and I'm looking forward to more work from this author. I discovered him after he won the EPIC award -- very justly deserved!" - Lisa Norman

"This book was very entertaining to read. If you are interested in historically based steampunk novels I would recommend this read. The plot of the book was fun to follow and I was constantly thinking about what would happen in the later chapters as I was reading this novel. I think that future books by this author will be even better once he has more experience, but that does not take away from Brass Legionnaire. I consider this book to be worthy of a 5 star review due to how much I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to reading the next book by this young author." - Steve

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