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Brass Legionnaire

Laurel Emperor

Book Five of the Steam Empire Chronicles

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Laurel Emperor is available in print and eBook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, along with other fine retailers.

Fans of Harry Turtledove & S.M. Stirling alike will love the fast-paced action and colorful world building of the Steam Empire Chronicles. In a timeline where Rome never fell & the Dark Ages never came to be, new challenges appear to fracture the still-mighty empire. Laurel Emperor is the heart-pounding, airship shaking, sword-breaking finale to this alternate history & steampunk series.


Civil war rages across the fractured Roman Empire in the 1850s. Rightful heir to the throne Constantine Tiberius Appius has successfully repelled the Mongolian invasions, but at a cost. The usurper Sabinus, Constantine's uncle, rules in Rome, and his forces press through the shattered loyalist defenses, stripped to support Constantine's campaign in the east.


Loyalist and rebel forces converge in Thrace, and as casualties mount, new weapons of war are unleashed upon friend and foe alike. Constantine and his closest allies, the men of the XIII Germania, find themselves once again thrust into the spotlight. As the loyalists march towards the inevitable final battle, they face the true question of war - how much are they willing to sacrifice for victory?


The fate of the Empire rests with a handful of common legionnaires, led by the last true scion of a dynasty stretching over a thousand years, in the final novel of the Steam Empire Chronicles - LAUREL EMPEROR.

An exciting end to the series. I am a bit sad there will be no more heroic stories of Julius and the rest of the cast but all good things must end. It kept me guessing all the way till the end. - Andrew B, 5 Star Review,

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