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Brass Legionnaire

Copper Centurion 

Book Two of the Steam Empire Chronicles

!Copper Centurion 1600 Barnes and Noble.


Copper Centurion is available in print and eBook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords, along with other fine retailers.

In Brass Legionnaire, new recruit Julius Brutus Caesar and his royal commanding officer Constantine Appius fought to save the city of Brittenburg from total devastation.


Now, Rome looks to avenge the actions of the Nortlanders and invades the north. But saddled with political oversight, inept leadership and a resourcefully cunning enemy, the expedition walks a fine line between glory and destruction. With their technology failing, it will be down to swords and shields in the next novel of the Steam Empire Chronicles, Copper Centurion.

Book 3 - Iron Tribune
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